Friday, October 9, 2009

learning and growing

At long last, I have signed up to do something that I've been wanting to attempt for so long... I will be taking a precious metal clay class in November! I felt that working with precious metal clay was not something to casually research on the internet, or just buy a book and hope to catch on; I really wanted to take a hands-on approach and learn the right way, the first time. So in addition to creating more unique goodies in a different medium, I feel that this will give me even more control over my creativity and my business.
On an unrelated (but sort of related) note... this weekend I will be attempting origami for the first time! As part of a drive to send healing wishes via a 1,000 Cranes project, I will be attempting to create an origami crane of my own (yikes) to send to a woman with brain cancer. What a beautiful, communal way to express wishes of hope and recovery. Check out "The Adventures of BaldyLocks" for more details!


Anonymous said...

The PMC class sounds great! I just got a sewing machine, so that's my new endeavor. Keep us posted on how the class goes and good luck :)

My sister's ex-boyfriend (they still live together) is dying of brain cancer :( It's just awful. I don't make him origami but he sure loves it when I send over chocolate cupcakes!

BaldyLocks said...

I'm so glad you're making some cranes and for re-posting about this! I still don't have my paper yet but I think I will pick it up today.

Happy folding this weekend!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

Oh, LostEarring ~ I am so sorry.
Both of my parents had cancer; I absolutely hate the disease.

BaldyLocks, I never found the origami paper that I was thinking of, but I do have some other nice two-sided print paper to use. Cross your fingers, LOL!

Sarah Knight said...

sounds like fun : )
good luck with your creations!

cabin + cub said...

God luck with your class as well as your origami making! :)


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