Thursday, June 30, 2011

Copper River salmon on the grill!

Just look at the rich color of this Copper River salmon! "What's the big deal about Copper River salmon?" you ask. Well, not only is it just about the best salmon we've ever tasted on the Lonesome Road, but it's incredibly good for you as well.

Alaska's Copper River is the tenth largest river in the United States and like its name suggests, is home to rich copper deposits along its banks. It is this river that where the Wild King, Sockeye and Coho salmon must travel 300 miles to spawn and this requires extra storage of omega-3 fatty acids. Alaska seafood also contains the lowest levels of contaminants like methylmercury, and Copper River salmon is sustainably harvested.
Above: Almost done! Here on the Lonesome Road, we simply grilled the Copper River salmon on oak planks (why mess with perfection?), but you can check out this link for some pretty swanky Copper River salmon recipes!
"Atlantis" original art belt buckle by Lonesome Road Studio.

"Never drink water; fish **** in it." - W.C. Fields


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