Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gotta whole lotta onions

Unlike last year's March temperatures in the 80's, spring 2013 has arrived a little later. March temperatures were mostly below average, and this year continued the seemingly new northern Illinois tradition of winter snows falling in March after an uneventful December, January and February. Not cool. Punxsatawney Phil is on "My List."
We finally found a bit of time, good weather and ambition to start the 2013 Lonesome Road garden last weekend though! After a quick rototilling we were able to plant approximately 120 onion plants, four heads of garlic, and toss around a scattering of various lettuce, kale and spinach seeds in a corner.
Half of the onions are my personal favorite, Walla Walla onions from Washington state. And the others are Red Zeppelin red onions. So, we've gotta whole lotta onions. Gotta whole lotta onions.
Also for spring, we're going to attempt to grow russet potatoes again. In the past this has never worked out particularly well, but in loosely following ideas from the Replacing The Grocery Store challenge on the Our Simple Farm blog, we're at least going to give it another try. We do eat lots of potatoes, especially in the summer when they can just be grilled along with the rest of dinner! And I usually try to prepare a few extras on the weekends so we can let them cool, refrigerate them, and slice or chop and make our own home fries for breakfast the next morning.
So, cross your fingers for our potatoes and be on the lookout for potentially lots of posts with red onion recipes. Because we've gotta a whole lotta onions.


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