Wednesday, January 20, 2010

file THIS!

Like most business owners, I grudgingly gathered the info needed to file my state sales tax. After calculating, checking, re-checking, sorting sales into what was taxable or not, the dust cleared and a most interesting revelation appeared.

Nearly half of my 2009 sales came from selling in person at shows, fairs, markets, etc.

This was not something that I anticipated, and I never thought that I was "the type." I figured that I would quietly sit at the glow of the computer monitor for most of my selling experience, tweeting, friending, contacting, flickring, ninging and whatever else it took to eke out a few sales per month in a saturated category in the handmade movement.

Not only have I enjoyed my experiences selling in person, but in some ways it's easier than selling online. I didn't have to spend countless hours promoting or advertising the shows myself. And all the time spent packaging and shipping! At the same time, the show vendor is at the mercy of the entity running the show; fortunately my 2009 shows were primarily at a popular area farmers' market and an established show sponsored by the local art league.

The instant gratification of selling in-person is a wonderful thing also. Like anyone else, I love hearing compliments, I really dig being told by someone that they've never seen anything like my items, and I truly appreciate constructive comments and suggestions - they are windows into what people really want and I take their ideas under serious consideration when planning Lonesome Road Studio's new lines.

More shows in 2010 is not just any old New Year's resolution this time. It's a real plan of action and now is the time to implement it.


Tocadora said...

I'm hopeful that I will finally get to try doing shows in 2010. I have four sons, and my husband was gone most of 09, so shows really weren't feasible. After all, I'd not only have to make back the booth fee...but childcare! Oy! ;) But this year brings a move and some changes's hoping!

Congrats to you on a great year!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

You would do great at shows - Good luck with your new year and move!

Athena's Armoury said...

Congratulations on your show success! I haven't done many fairs, but really loved the few I had done. It was so much fun being outside in the fresh air, meeting my customers and fellow sellers, and of course making some sales. Good luck with you 2010 schedule!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year.. and your blog is inspire every visitor

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