Saturday, August 29, 2009

a little more about "sunday dinner redux"...

Sunday Dinner Redux is my attempt to bring sanity into my own schedule, LOL, and to share some recipes and thoughts about food and cooking in general.
There was a time when I experimented with all kinds of ingredients, techniques, and new recipes but sadly the time factor has crept in, impacting my natural creativity in the kitchen. Well, I'm about to change all that (I hope) and get back to my old adventurous self when it comes to new dishes, meal plans etc., at least one day a week *sigh*.
Our often inconvenient schedule in the Lonesome Road household includes hubby's karate three weeknights a week; his twelve-hour workshifts, and me "trying to get something done" so the flexibility of time just isn't there most days. Saturday and Sunday are really the only two days of the week where our work and after-work schedules don't affect our mealtimes. Now, I'm not really one for all the nuclear-family-sitting-around-the-table-listening-to-each-other-slurp-and-chew-scene; I'm more of a grazer myself and I like to eat when I'm hungry not when a clock or person tells me that "it's time." But I do believe that in the midst of our hurried lifestyles, among the rush and on-the-go habits we've adopted, it's nice to slow down occasionally and treat cooking and nourishment as a nurturing process, a process that can be enjoyable in itself, not just something to hurry through to get out of the way.

So, in the future I will continue to post about my fun in the kitchen and what I have learned; I enjoy all types of food and have lots of things to share. I also hope that you will share your ideas with me!

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