Sunday, August 30, 2009

THE guide to ultra living!

The Guide to Ultra-Living
by Matt Maranian

"Got the tastes of Barbarella with a budget considerably more earthbound?"
So begins the first chapter of this mutha of all decorating idea books.
I purchased this book a few years ago, while living at my last apartment. Okay, I'm very adventurous when it comes to decorating; I'm not afraid of bold colors and things that make others go "hmmmm." The living room of my last apartment was decorated in bright reds, Halloween/Day of the Dead decor (which is now firmly ensconced in my current workspace/computer room), plus some Feng Shui touches.
"Pad" was truly the inspiration to let my freak flag fly when it came to decorating my personal space, and there's a chance that it could inspire you too. Who can't resist an "Opium Den Flame Pit" or a "Barbarella TV Cabinet?" (Can you tell that I adore the movie "Barbarella?")
Within the pages of "Pad" you will find instructions for an upcycled surfboard coffee table, the ever-popular "Porno Chic Love Lamp," and a handy "Cousin It Tissue Cozy."
No book about the joys of domesticity would be complete without an "After Dark" section; this one has a whole section of classic cocktails but more importantly, hangover cures and garish garnishes including the "Flaming Fruit Flip" and the "Crystal Craze GummiSaver Kabob." Rounding out the section is a collection of "Freaked-Out Punch Mixes" including "Nuclear Pond Scum." Want to impress your friends? You must attempt the "Pyromaniac Centerpieces With the Magic of Sterno." No party is complete without tunes; "Pad" has a whole set of recommendations plus pages of party themes like "The Short Attention Span Video Festival," "Living Room Weenie Roast," and "The No-Talent Show."
Consult the sage pages of "Pad" if you're bored with off-white walls, your dusty rose floral sectional and wine from a box. There's a whole world of rad decorating and fun out there and "Pad" is a great place to start learning.



Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

No way! I had this book before college!

Lonesome Road Studio said...

Hehehe! Definitely one of my all-time favorites. Very inspirational. ;)

goodkarma said...

this looks awesome. i'm gonna have to check my library for it.


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