Friday, December 9, 2011

low and slow cooked holiday brisket

Set aside a day to enjoy the pleasures of slow food cooking; maybe while you're wrapping all of those holiday treasures, or simply relaxing and enjoying an afternoon of football. This delicious beef brisket will take up some of your sweet time cooking, but once you have the ingredients together all you have to do is enjoy the wickedly wonderful aroma... and dinner later.

This recipe was a web exclusive published in the December online version of Cowboys & Indians magazine here; and in fact, the Silver Palate cookbook from which the recipe is adapted is also perched on one of the many Lonesome Road cookbook shelves. In true fashion, I experimented with the recipe a bit as well. I used some amazing Washington state Walla Walla onions from our big garden, chopped and put up in the freezer for all those winter soups, stews, chilis and more. And I lightly sprinkled a bit of hickory Liquid Smoke on the brisket before spreading with tomato paste. Because I used the Liquid Smoke, I eliminated the salt listed in the recipe. But don't forget to grind liberal amounts of fresh black pepper on the brisket!

Jane the Dog casually waiting for a brisket to jump out of the pan.

On the Lonesome Road, this brisket was perfectly accompanied by cheesy mashed potatoes and a crisp baby spring lettuce salad. The leftover brisket tastes even better the next day and makes awesome sandwiches on a crusty roll. Enjoy!

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Mahmudul Hasan said...

looks yummy and delicious.I would definitely try.
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